These are the days when I throw my head back, pretending that I’m a prodigal musician with a lot of words in my head and then with a stroke of geniosity, my piano will utter a beautiful voice that was long kept from Gourd.
Except the fact of course, that nothing from the above happened.
I just pretended to be. Shut up 😛

That is not my main reason of typing today, however.

I’m not surprised by women who gossip, but MEN?!

Okay, besides Jonboy, men who gossip are just weird to me.

Let’s just put it this way.
You, the third party, who isn’t even related to this entire argument; in what way are you allowed to gossip and humiliate that person?
Sure, he’s your best friend but please, do you think you know everything that’s going on?
I won’t say that I know of it either, because I’m always listening to ONE SIDE of the party, so I won’t judge.

Sometimes, I think people assume they know everything about you by not even speaking to you at all.
Some overexaggerate their relationships: Just by a few words does NOT make you a friend already. Please, reeducate yourself on this.

I won’t pass judgment upon you if you truly believe you know exactly what kind of person I am.
But pray tell, since you think you know me so well, what exactly is my favorite color? : )

Which is why, my wonderful advice to everyone out there who is reading this:
Don’t judge.
Remember always that your words, even though you think you’ve told it to people who don’t know that person, those words always come around.
If you’re wondering why I dislike you so, why, rethink about what you said before : )
Weren’t you the one who judged me first before knowing the situation?

Silly children : )


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